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Smart Clockin, Track Attendance, Cut Costs

Finally, a reliable cost effective way to manage your mobile workforce, track attendances at your gym and send free messages to smartphones …all without a plastic card, clunky hardware or single sheet of paper often used in outdated business clock in systems.
No filling out timesheets, not a single piece of paper is required, additional hardware is optional, but not necessary and messages sent to your staff or clients smartphones are completely free of charge. All that’s needed is a simple Clockin App

We make it simple for any sized business to track the attendance of their staff or members within seconds of clockins using cutting edge FM software. Your users get your clockin cards on their smartphones and tablets…you can scan and record them using yours, or for unmanaged locations, we also provide a self-clocking in option. Our facilities management software is a time tracking app which allows your staff to clock in remotely in a matter of seconds.

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Time Tracking App


Self Scan Clockins

  • Requires No Additional Hardware
  • Setup Clockin Campaigns Within Minutes
  • Send Clockin Info To Clients Digitally
  • Your Staff Can Clockin From Anywhere
  • Best Solution For Unmanaged Locations
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Team Leader Clockin

  • Requires Team Leader To Clock Staff In
  • Works Well Alongside Self Scanning Clockins
  • Eliminates Paper Timesheets
  • Perfrect For Outdoor Locations
  • Best Solution For A Mobile Workforce
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Fixed Location Clockin

  • Works Best With Mounted iPad Or Tablet
  • Completely Eliminates Clockin Machines
  • Track Attendance From Minutes Or Years Ago
  • Free Preloaded Tablet With Certain Plans
  • Best Solution For Managed Locations
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Smart Clockin App - Quick Setup and Launch

Quick Setup & Launch

Small business with a few mobile workers?
Recruitment firm with 100’s staff?
Gym with 1000’s of members?
If you need to track attendances fast, we can setup your new account within 24 hours.

some of our solutions can be setup instantly

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Scanner Clockin

Integrates With Your Existing Setup
Use Your Existing Hardware
Integrate With Your Current Software
Free Scanner With Certain Plans
Best Solution For Existing Membership Programs

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Online Reports

Online admin panel helping you to run reports and track attendances from last week or last year. You’ll find an easy to use CRM that completely elminates a wasteful paper trail.


Paper Free

Say goodbye to timesheets, expensive clockin machines additional plastic cards in your wallet. Clockins take place digitally and scans are stored in the cloud.



Clockin your staff or members with one of our free iOS or Android Apps on your own smartphone or tablet, or let them scan themselves in using your company code.


Free Messaging

Tell your staff about urgent news and information or keep your members updated about latest offers and promotions. Send your messages to one or all of your database free of charge.

Secure Clockins

As well as digitally stamped Clockins, we have a range of security features and warning messages to ensure that every clockin is a genune as humanly possible…something that is not possible with traditional methods.


Save Time & Cut Costs

Smart Clockin does the job of several members of staff, allowing you to concentrate on the important parts of running your business.

Transparent Billing

No more quibbling over timesheets and attendances from months or years ago... all clock-ins are stored in your online account for quick and easy access.
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Our staff mainly work in rural locations so the Smart Clockin system has provided us with an irreplacable way of managing them and dramatically reducing hours spent on paperwork and timesheets.

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Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

Contact us today to find out which of our solutions best improves the way your business works, whatever the size and industry.