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Some of our most frequently asked questions

Do I need a credit card or to make a payment to sign up for a trial?

The free trial is as it says it is, 100% free. It will literally take us minutes to show you how quickly and easy it will take for your system to get going.

Do I need additional software or hardware?

Our Self Scan Clockins require absolutely no additional hardware and our team will create and send you any marketing material you need to run the system. We do however have a range of different solutions to fit the way your business works, click here to see which solution works best for you.

Do you market or pass on any of my details to third parties?

Your data is secure and will only be used by your own company within the Smart Clockin environment.

How does the messaging system work?

You can send messages to one or all of your users or members through your Smart Clockin online panel. Our messaging system is similar to bulk sms messaging without the huge ongoing costs.

We have a very bespoke system and set of requirements, can you help?

Although Smart Clockin is continually growing and evolving, we are often asked for very specific features. If you do not find the exact requirements you need listed on our website, send over as much detail as you can to

How long does it take to set up an account?

Accounts can comfortably be set up in less than one business day. But we can often get you setup and live within a few hours if you are running on a tight deadline.

Do you provide alternative solutions for larger companies?

Yes we do, the options are fairly endless when it comes to what we can do for your company to make our range of bespoke solutions work seamlessly with your organisation. Contact us on and we can run you through our various options.

If you have any more questions about using Smart Clockin for your business or are ready to start a free trial, contact us on or fill out an online enquiry here.

Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

Contact us today to find out which of our solutions best improves the way your business works, whatever the size and industry.

Without realising it the text messaging system has become an invaluable tool as any of our core team members can send last minute updates to all of our engineers without having to spend time looking up individual phone numbers.

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Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

Contact us today to find out which of our solutions best improves the way your business workers, whatever the size and industry.