Fixed Location Clockins

Smart Clockin makes it simple to create fixed location clock-in stations for managed secured areas. Our clock-in software can be operated on both Apple and Android devices, so creating a fixed location clock-in is as simple as mounting an iPad or Android tablet to a wall or desk. It is an affordable and easy-to-use option for tracking employees, customers, and contractors.

How Smart Clockin’s Fixed Location Clockins Work

The simplest way to create a fixed location clock-in for employees is to install the Smart Clockin Timecard Manager application on a tablet device. Employees can then scan their unique Smart Clockin code into the tablet when starting work.

Each employee will automatically be clocked-in and their details will be stored within Smart Clockin’s administration section. Employers and administrators can then use administration section to create timesheets, check who is currently on-site, and create detailed reports.

Fixed location clock-ins are very useful for tracking the attendance of visitors, clients, and customers. A fixed location clock-in is ideal for gyms, health clubs, yoga centres, and other areas where customers need to check-in.

The greatest benefit of using a Smart Clockin fixed location clock-ins is that it will completely replace paper timesheets, guest sign-in sheets and clunky clock-in machines.

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Extremely Simple Clock-in Process

It takes a couple of seconds to clock-in using a fixed location clock-in system running Smart Clockin. This means that employees, clients, customers, and contractors can enter the premises quickly and without the hassle of filling in paper forms.

Accurate Time Tracking

When using Smart Clockin, it becomes simple to accurately track time. You won’t have to manually process timesheets or ask employees to spend time doing so. The Smart Clockin app does all of the work for you.

Works In Conjunction With Self Scanning Clock-ins

It is possible to use team leader clock-ins with any other kind of approaches like self scan clock-ins and fixed location clock-ins. This provides employees with multiple methods for clocking in.

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