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Gyms, yoga studios, and other types of membership clubs can benefit greatly from using a modern clock-in system like Smart Clockin. Our clock-in solution dramatically improves the efficiency of client check-ins to your facility and reduce the administrative workload for employees. It takes the hassle out of monitoring facility usage and speeds up the entry process of customers substantially. At Smart Clockin we believe that our innovative software will enable us to become a leading Gym Clocking Software in UK and beyond.

Using Smart Clock For Gym Clock-ins

There are many ways to use Smart Clockin to check in customers visiting your premises. If you want to allow self scan clock-ins, you could have members simply scan a code using their mobile phone as they walk in. This code could be on a tablet device or on a printed piece of paper. Your staff will see the client’s details immediately appear on their own tablet device or smart phone.

Another popular option amongst membership businesses is a Smart Clockin fixed clock-in system. This system requires clients to scan their mobile device using a handheld scanner. It will instantly approve entry and store details of their clock-in within the Smart Clockin administration system. A scanner system is the most popular option for gyms and other facilities that require a clock-in before entry.

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Changing to Smart Clockin is Simple

A Smart Clockin check-in system can integrated into a premises in less than two hours. If you already use a scan clock-in system, it is even easier to change to Smart Clockin. The client simply installs an application on their phone or adds a small device to the back of their phone case. They can then clock-in using their phone and Smart Clockin will instantly track their clock-in details.

Say Goodbye to Membership Cards Forever

Gym membership cards are a real hassle to use. They take up space in a client’s wallet or purse and are easily damaged or lost. Membership cards are also problematic for gyms because clients sometimes share a single card – resulting in lost revenue. Smart Clockin can help you get rid of membership cards and re-capture that lost revenue.

Send Important Alerts to Members

The Smart Clockin administration section can provide you with extremely valuable information. This includes seeing who is currently clocked in at your premises, how many hours they spend there each week, which areas of your facility are used the most, and so on. It’s possible to send out important alerts and messages to members. This can include changes to opening hours or special deals that you are currently offering.

A Boost to Productivity

Using Smart Clockin automates client entry to your gym. You will no longer need to assign employees to manually check-in clients – which means they can spend time performing other tasks.

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Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

Contact us today to find out which of our solutions best improves the way your business works, whatever the size and industry.

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