Remote Staff Software

Remote Staff Software

Foreman clocking in to work via smartphone
Foreman clocking in to work via smartphone

Staff Tracking Software

Attendance tracking is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses with a remote workforce. It can be very difficult for these types of businesses to keep track of where each employee is located and how long they have been at work each day.
Fortunately, remote staff software like Smart Clockin is available to help. Smart Clockin is a GPS tracked self-scan staff tracking software and staff clockin system which makes attendance tracking simple.
Unlike other remote staff software solutions, Smart Clockin does not require any proprietary hardware. It is a remote clocking in system, anyone with an Android or Apple device can install the app and check in for work from remote locations.
Smart Clockin also has the ability to automatically generate employee timesheets which can be integrated with payroll and accounting software. This helps you ensure that all employees are correctly paid for their time and makes processing payroll simple. It makes managing remote staff simple.

How does Smart Clockin work?

Smart Clockin is a highly flexible platform which can be used in several ways:

Self Scan Clockins

To perform a Self Scan Clock In, the user will simply scan a location code using the Smart Clockin app on their phone. The app will immediately clock them in and store the details of their attendance in a central database.
Location codes can be printed or displayed via the Smart Clockin app (installed on a tablet or mobile device). It’s also possible to have several codes in use, if your remote staff clock in to multiple locations each day.
Once an employee has clocked in using the app, their status will immediately be updated in the Smart Clock administration section. You can log into the administration section at any time to view the location and status of your remote staff.
It only takes a couple of seconds to perform a Self Scan Clock In. They are fast, convenient, and simple to perform. No additional proprietary hardware is required, which makes Smart Clockin ideal for remote staff management.
Fixed Location Clockins
Fixed Location Clock Ins work in a similar way to a traditional clock in system. The Smart Clockin Timecard Manager application is installed onto an Apple or Android device. Users will then clock in by using the tablet to scan a unique Smart Clockin code that is kept on their phone.
This kind of implementation is perfect for external locations which remote employees often need to clock into. It is a simple-to-use system that completely replaces timesheets, sign in books, and clunky clock in machines.

Team Leader Clockins

If your remote employees work in managed groups, Team Leader Clock Ins may be of use. A team leader will install the Smart Clockin Scanner App on their own phone. They will then use that app to scan the unique IDs of other remote employees, which clocks them in. It is extremely useful for businesses that have small independent groups working remotely.

Why Should Your Business Use Remote Staff Software?

There are many benefit obtained by using Smart Clockin, including:

Accurate Time Tracking

Smart Clockin includes the ability to automatically generate timesheets for your remote employees, which tell you precisely how long they were at each work site. Because these timesheets are generated electronically, there is no risk of accidental miscalculation or incorrect processing of your timesheets.

Employee Location Tracking

Smart Clockin makes it simple to track the current location of your remote employees, with the help of our staff tracking software. You will know exactly where your remote employees are and how long they have spent at each of the locations they visit.

Increased Productivity

It takes a couple of seconds to clock in using Smart Clockin. There are no sign-in sheets to complete and no proprietary hardware to deal with. This helps your remote employees log in quickly and immediately get to work — boosting their productivity. The auto-generation of timesheets can also provide substantial time savings for both your employees and managers.
Integrated With In-House Software And Payroll
Smart Clockin’s administration section can integrate with various other software applications, including most payroll software packages. When combined with automated check ins and timesheet generation, this makes administrative tasks much easier.

Best Solution For A Remote Workforce

Smart Clockin makes managing a remote team simple. You are constantly aware of where your team is working, which makes it much easier to allocate resources. We have produced promo staff software for many clients who promo staff require a remote clocking in system.

Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

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