Scanner Clockins

Smart Clockin can be integrated with any existing scanner based clock-in systems that are already installed at your place of business. It can be used to replace plastic ID cards with a smartphone check-in system that is much more convenient for employees and customers.

Our Smart Clockin scanner clock-in systems can be installed without any disruption to your current setup. Switching to a smartphone-based system will help you streamline the check-in process, improve productivity, and provide many other benefits.

How Smart Clockin’s Scanner Clockins Work

The process is similar to normal scanner clock-in. However, instead of producing an ID card that is scanned, visitors will produce their mobile phone to check in. This allows visitors to your business to avoid the hassle of carrying ID card that is easily damaged or lost.

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No More Membership or ID Cards Required

Dealing with membership and ID cards can be quite frustrating. They take up valuable space in a person’s purse or wallet and they have to be found every time a person checks-in. Entry cards can also be easily lost or damaged, which can be quite frustrating for customers interested in using your facility. Using Smart Clockin’s Scanner Clock-in System means your customers and employees will never be forced to deal with cards again.

Access to Valuable Analytics

All of the log-ins that tracked by Smart Clockin’s Scanner Clock-in System are recorded in an administration section. This makes it easy to determine how many people visited your place of business over a specific period, how many are currently active, which employees or visitors are most active and so on. You can even use it to store contact information and send updates to employees or customers.

An Affordable and Flexible Clock-in System

Smart Clockin is much more affordable than comparable scanner clock-in systems. It also offers much more flexibility with multiple modes of clock-ins being available including self scan clock-ins and team leader clock-ins.

Eliminates Paper Timesheets

Another major advantage of using Smart Clockin is that it can be used to create employee timesheets. Employees will no longer be forced to submit written timesheets and administrators won’t have to spend time processing them. The Smart Clockin administration system stores all of the necessary timesheet information for you.

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Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

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