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Smart Clockin is the world’s leading attendance tracking platform. It includes a self scan clock-in system that makes it simple to track the attendance of customers, employees, and contractors.

Our self scan clock-in systems do not require plastic cards, proprietary hardware, or manual actions by your employees. This technology is ideal for many types of businesses ranging from construction companies and schools through to fitness centres. Whenever you need to track the attendance of customers or employees, Smart Clockin can help.

How does our self scan clock-in system work?

We have developed our state-of-the-art self clock-in system to take the hassle out of managing employee and customer check-ins. It is particularly useful for managing employees who are working in unattended locations where no other staff are available to check them in. Self scan clock-ins can also be useful for tracking people who are visiting unattended locations in your premises.

Attendance Tracking Software Online

To clock-in, a user simply scans a Smart Clockin code using their mobile phone. Our software will instantly flag them as being checked into that location - be it the entrance to your place of business or a remote job site.

One of the major advantages of using our self scan clock-in system is that you can have multiple codes in different locations. This makes it possible for users to scan themselves into specific locations within your premises, your clients premises or any remote location. You will know exactly when an employee, contractor, or customer has reached a certain location instantly.

Our self scanning clock-in is ideal for any industry and can be setup within a few hours. You will be able to examine all of the current clock-ins online via the Smart Clockin administration panel. It is a powerful application that makes it easy to see where your employees or clients are currently checked-in.

The administration section also allows for the creation of advanced reports that track activity over specific periods. This is useful for tracking which parts of your business have had the most logins, how often employees are checking in, or which areas of your establishment clients used most often over a certain time period. It also makes the creation of timesheets a breeze.

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Boost Productivity

Because self scanning clock-ins don’t require the presence of other employees, you won’t be forced to tie up staff on menial tasks like clocking in employees. Our self-scan technology is also very simple to use, so employees can get to work quickly.

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Our self scanning clock-in technology allows for multiple scan codes to be used in different locations. This gives you many options for tracking the locations of staff or clients. It is the best solution for unmanaged and remote locations.


The details of every self scan login are stored within Smart Clockin’s state-of-the-art administration section, providing you with you valuable analytical data. Digital reports can be generated and shared instantly with clients or employees.

Hardware Free

Our self clock-in system can be installed without the need for additional hardware. Installation time is typically between one to two hours.

From start to finish the whole process was seamless. They took their time, carefully explained everything and we were up and running within a few hours. Highly recommend this company as i’m not sure how we coped before we started using it.

Stephanie Marcell

Smart Clockin is easy to use. We can send messages to all of my members through my online panel, which is similar to bulk SMS messaging without the huge ongoing costs. We definitely recommend it to anyone.

Melissa Whyte

Quick and easy set up and great for generating accurate time sheets for multiple sites. Would highly recommend.

Jenette Ryder

Quick and easy set up and great for generating accurate time sheets for multiple sites. Would highly recommend.

Great app

For our HR Team, this is a lifesaver

Susan Pickering

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