From wall or desk mounted iPad’s and tablets

To GPS tracked self scan clockin systems which require no additional hardware

Different Clockin Solutions for different needs

No matter how your business works, our solutions are designed to give your business the best possible experience, hassle free clocking in for your temporary or permanent staff, and an easy life for your payroll or HR team. Our products just work. We make your life easier online, face to face, and offer a true choice in clocking in and memberships solutions.

Check attendance online from last week or last year

Setup your Smart Clockin campaigns within minutes

Send messages to one contact or your whole list FREE

Replaces paper timesheets and clunky clockin machines


Self Scan Clockin

Self Clockin system from anywhere without the need for additional hardware.

With our self scanning clockin system, your permanent or temporary staff can clock in and out of locations where additional hardware or a team leader are not practical. If you need to manage your workforce in unattended locations, or have individual team members working without the presence of a team leader, your users will scan your individual company Smart Clockin Code and clock in or clock out in seconds. Our self scanning clockins are perfect for any industry and can be deployed and setup within hours.

All clockins are saved in your online Smart Clockin admin panel. So you can run reports and track results from last week or last year.

Additional Hardware Required | None
Setup Time | 1-2 Hours
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Team Leader Clockin

Mobile Clockin system from anywhere without the need for additional hardware.

Team Leader Scans will allow one trusted member of your team to scan in your other staff. Your Team Leader will use the Smart Clockin Scanner app on their smartphone or tablet, and the team members will all use the Smart Clockin Timecard app on theirs. It’s perfect for a mobile workforce or a team of temporary workers in situations where fixed clockin machines are not feasible. As well as using the Smart Clockin Manager apps on their devices, if you deal with a mobile workforce, your Team Leader can carry your Company Smart Clockin code themselves, which each team member can use to scan themselves in.

Additional Hardware Required | iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet
Setup Time | 1-2 Hours
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Fixed Location Clockin

Our fixed location clockins are ideal for clockins that will take place in a managed secure area like a reception or a or staff locker room. Typically, an iPad or Tablet will be mounted to a wall or a desk and your users will scan in using the Smart Clockin Timecard manager app. Our Fixed Location Clockins can also be combined with our Self scanning clockins for a more economically priced option contact us for more info. It completely replaces the need for paper timesheets, guest sign in sheets and clunky clockin machines or time cards.

Additional Hardware Required | Typically mounted iPad or Android Tablet but can be used with smartphones and our self scanning clockin system
Setup Time | 1-2 Hours
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Scanner Clockin

If you already have an existing scanner based clockin system, but want to replace your plastic id cards with smartphone ones, our Scanner Clockin system can provide this without any interruption to your setup. Membership and ID Cards add an unnecessary and additional card in a wallet or purse and are easily lost. Switching to a smartphone based solution, will also allow closer interaction between your business and your clients, with the added bonus of sending your whole user list marketing messages or last minute important updates.

Additional Hardware Required | Your existing hardware can be used
Setup Time | 1-2 Days
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Setup was incredibly easy and our team now use the app on a daily basis.

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Self Scan Clockins

Requires No Additional Hardware
Setup Clockin Campaigns Within Minutes
Send Clockin Info To Clients Digitally
Your Staff Can Clockin From Anywhere
Best Solution For Unmanaged Locations

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Team Leader Clockin

Requires Team Leader To Clock Staff In
Works Well Alongside Self Scanning Clockins
Eliminates Paper Timesheets
Perfrect For Outdoor Locations
Best Solution For A Mobile Workforce

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Fixed Location Clockin

Works Best With Mounted iPad Or Tablet
Completely Eliminates Clockin Machines
Track Attendance From Minutes Or Years Ago
Free Preloaded Tablet With Certain Plans
Best Solution For Managed Locations

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