Team Leader Clockins

Our team leader clock-in system allows your trusted employees to scan in other staff. This is a useful system for independent teams working remotely or separately from other employees. It is an easy to use clock-in method that can boost productivity and give team leaders the flexibility they require.

How team leader clockins work

Team Leader Clockins allow senior employees to clock-in in other staff. Using this feature is simple. The team leader installs the Smart Clockin Scanner app on their smartphone or tablet with employees will install the Smart Clockin Timecard app. The team leader can then use the scanner app to scan each employee’s clock-in code. Alternatively, the team leader can carry the clock-in code and each employee can scan it with their phone.

Our team leader clock-in functionality is extremely useful for:

  • Teams that are working remotely
  • Situations where visual confirmation of attendance is required by the team leader
  • Worksites with temporary workers who need to be checked in by the team leader
  • Locations where it is impossible to install the infrastructurenecessary for a normal clock-in process
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Accurate Time Tracking

Team leader clock-ins make it simple for a team leader to confirm that an employee has arrived and is ready to commence work. This is particularly useful when working with temporary employees.

Free Up Your Team Leaders

Giving your team leaders the ability to scan in their staff means they will have much more flexibility. They won’t be constrained by the location of check-in facilities and will be able to work remotely when required.

Works In Conjunction With Self Scanning Clock-ins

It is possible to use team leader clock-ins with any other approaches including self scan clock-ins and fixed location clock-ins. This provides employees with multiple methods for clocking in.

Eliminates Paper Timesheets

Paper timesheets are time consuming for employees to complete and annoying for administrative staff to process. Team leader clock-ins are an excellent replacement for outdated paper timesheets.

Best Solution For A Mobile Workforce

If you have multiple teams that work remotely with separate team leaders, team leader clock-ins are the perfect solution. You will know exactly who is currently working remotely via the Smart Clockin administration area.

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