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Temporary Staffing Software – Smart Clockin

Temporary Staffing Software

How is Smart Clockin useful for managing temporary staff?

Temporary Staffing Software

How is Smart Clockin useful for managing temporary staff?


Smart Clockin is a powerful temporary staff tracking software that you can use to keep track of how many hours your temporary employees are working. It also includes many types of functionality that make managing your temporary staff easier. They include:

Clock-in App

The key feature of Smart Clockin is its clock-in app. It is a powerful software that allows workers to clock-in and clock out using a variety of techniques:

Self Scan Clockins

Employees can scan codes in the workplace using their smartphones or mobile devices. Multiple codes can be placed around the workplace, allowing businesses to monitor which part of the building a worker has scanned into.

Scanner Clockins

Businesses can also use their existing scanner systems that read an ID from a temporary employee’s mobile device or identification tag.

Fixed Location Clockins

A fixed location clock in is typically used in a managed secure environment where an iPad or Android Tablet is placed that a temporary employee clocks into using their mobile device.

Team Leader Clockins

You can even use Smart Clockin to clock-in staff arriving at work each day.
The clock-in app in Smart Clockin simplifies the clock-in process for both the employee and employer.

The clock-in app in Smart Clockin simplifies the clock-in process for both the employee and employer.

Timesheet Software

One of the most useful features of Smart Clockin is the ability to export and send time sheets. When employees clock-in using the Smart Clockin app, their time at work is recorded and used to automatically create time sheets. By automating the process of employee time tracking, you can boost the productivity of your temporary staff.

Payroll Software

Using Smart Clockin to track the time that temporary staff spend at work makes creating payroll much simpler. Your administrative staff will have an accurate record of how many hours each temporary employee has spent at work. Smart Clockin helps you ensure that your temporary staff members are not over or under-paid.

Sending messages to staff

The Smart Clockin application allows you to send messages to one or more employees. These messages can be used to ask temporary employees to report to work or to commence another task.

Benefits of using Smart Clockin

Some of the key advantages of using Smart Clockin for managing temporary staff include:

Improved productivity

Temporary staff tracking software like Smart Clockin can greatly improve the productivity of both your temporary employers and permanent managerial staff. It makes beginning work much simpler for temporary employees as they can walk onto site, check in with their phone and immediately begin working. You won’t need other staff members to manually clock temporary employees in for the day.

Employees can create their time sheets much more efficiently, which further improves staff productivity. Managerial staff can then access those time sheets easily via a computer or mobile device — which is much faster than manually collecting and processing time sheets.

Time sheets are also updated in real time, so you will know exactly what your temporary employees are doing at any moment. This makes it simple for managerial staff to keep temporary employees working efficiently.

Easily calculate your labour costs

Smart Clockin’s ability to create electronic time sheets makes it easy monitor your labour costs and the productivity of specific workers. You will know how many hours your temporary staff are working each day, week, or month. It is easy to understand what each of your temporary employees is doing and how much each worker costs.

Clients can view your staff time sheets

Smart Clockin’s electronic time sheets can be viewed in real time. They can be shared across multiple devices so you can use a mobile phone or laptop to view them. You can even grant access to clients, so they understand how much time they are going to be billed for.

Manage business payroll more efficiently

Managing payroll can be a time consuming process for businesses — particularly if you have many temporary employees. Smart Clockin makes tracking how many hours each temporary employee has worked each week much easier, which speeds up the payroll process.

It is easier for employees

Employees enjoy using Smart Clockin as it makes clocking into work much simpler. They also like the fact that their hours are accurately tracked and they are correctly paid for their time at work.

A source of useful business data

Having electronic time sheets will help you determine how long specific tasks take and how efficient each temporary worker is. This is valuable information for when you need to improve productivity or decide which temporary worker to retain.

Smart Clockin

If you’re interested in giving temporary staffing software a try, consider Smart Clockin. It is a highly advanced staff monitoring application that helps you clock-in temporary staff, track employee attendance, send messages to employees, and much more.

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