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Benefits of a Timesheet App – Smart Clockin

Benefits of a Timesheet App

Benefits of a Timesheet App


Have you been thinking about moving to a timesheet app? If you are tired of the usual automated staff tracking systems and would like to move to a system that is efficient and user friendly, then it might be the right time to try out some timesheet software. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed out the top benefits of using a timesheet app below.

Time Saving

A timesheet app is a mobile application that can be accessed through smart phones and tablets. This makes it very easy for employees to efficiently clock in and out from their mobile devices. Because the app is automatically linked with the reporting process, it cuts down the time that would have been spent manually filling in the data into the payroll system. Also, the timesheet is automatically updated in real time, by both yourself and even your own clients with a separate login.

Saves Money

Whenever time is wasted in an organisation, money is lost. Beyond that however, timesheet software makes it really easy to track your staff so that they do not work more hours than they are supposed to or less than they should. This saves you a lot of money that would have been lost either from employee absenteeism or from overtime wages.

Also, timesheet software is easy to install and because you do not require expensive hardware to get it up and running, you save costs.

Become more efficient

No matter where you are, you can keep track of your staff. This makes you even more efficient in managing your work force. Being able to track your staff and get instant reports on their activities helps you stay better organised in the daily management of your business.

Lead remote teams better

If you have remote teams or field workers, there is no need for them to come in to the office anymore. With a good timesheet software, you can seamlessly view and track their activities from anywhere. With the timesheet app on their devices, they do not need to manually fill in their time clocks or reports as their phones or tablets do all that for them.

Stay on top of your business

With a mobile timesheet app, you are always on top of your business and can see from a glance what each staff or team is up to. This way you are not taken by surprise and you can always be in the loop without necessarily micromanaging your staff.

Reports on the fly

One great benefit of a timesheet app is the flexibility it affords. If you want to get a report on any employee or on a team, you can easily pull it out without much stress or hassle. The app can be set to simply track the clockin or clock out times, or even continuously monitor the activities of your staff. You can view reports from the last minute, last week or from last year.

There are so many benefits to using a timesheet app but in summary, it will save you money, save you time, help you be better organised and make it possible for you to get reports in a hurry.

Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

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