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Festival Staff Software

Festival Staff Software


Planning a festival is no mean feat. It requires a lot of logistical planning as well as effectively managing your festival team. No matter the size of your festival, you will have to handle managing several different people including vendors, talents, sponsors and festival staff. Getting it together is going to require a lot from you in terms of time and effort. You will need to brush up on your project management skills and look into some smart festival staff software.

Why you need a festival staff software

The saying that you are only as good as your team really comes to play here, but we’ll go a step further and say that your team is only as good as your managerial skills. Below are a few reasons why you should definitely have software to manage your festival staff.

Get your team on the same page

Getting your entire team on the same page and effortlessly synchronised takes talent, skill and smart clockin. It’s a known rule of festival planning that you can’t ever do it all yourself. You need a team. But if you and your team are on different frequencies, it’s going to be a huge disaster waiting to happen. Your internal communication is as important as your external communication. Good software will help keep the communication lines open with your staff and keep everyone in the loop on plans and expectations.

Know where everyone is

You are going to be working with several people to make your festival come to life. Software like Smart Clockin helps you know where everyone is and what they are doing. This is not to micromanage your festival staff, because you really don’t want to do that. But it helps you locate each person when you need them for anything.

In order to operate effectively and efficiently, it may not always be necessary for your staff to come in physically to the festival planning office. Our app ensures that they can still clock in and out from wherever they are working for the day. This is great especially when you are working with volunteers as well as paid temporary staff.

Save Money

In planning a festival, you will most likely be working with a lot of staff, most of which would be temporary. Spending a lot of money on a clocking in scanner or an expensive system might not be the best move. Your best bet would be an app which can be used from anywhere. It will not only save you lots of money, it will save a lot of time as well. There is a smart reason why many companies and organisations are switching to software as a service and that’s because it is time and money saving.

SmartClockin.com is a clocking app that can be used from the comfort of your smart device. It makes it easy for your temporary staff to clock in and clock out from anywhere. Your staff can clock in using their smart phone and your code. You can completely avoid expensive hardware or endless paper trails.

Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

Contact us today to find out which of our solutions best improves the way your business works, whatever the size and industry.
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