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Recruitment Agency Software


Recruitment Agency Software

Running a recruitment agency is no mean feat and requires a certain dexterity and time management. A good recruitment agency software can help you streamline the process and manage your time and staff effectively. It is not enough to spend all your time marketing and trying to draw in fresh candidates, you need to be able to manage the ones you already have in an engaging and time efficient way.

If you have not considered automating your recruitment services by using an employment agency software, then it’s time to seriously think about it. To help you with your decision, we’ve decided to share the benefits of a recruitment agency software.

Keep track of staff

As your recruitment agency grows, you will find that the need to keep track of your staff increases. This is mostly because the energy and effort required to keep track of ten staff is vastly different from what is needed for a hundred staff, for example. A good recruitment agency software makes it easy for you to keep track of your staff wherever they are and monitor their clock ins as well.

Clients can see staff timesheets

When you send staff to your clients, they might also want to see their staff timesheets. The ability to give them quick access to such details or provide an on the spot report could set you apart from your competitors. This can be achieved with good quality temporary staff software. Actually, software that provides an easy way for your staff to clock in and out will also make it easier for you to manage your temporary staff, wherever they are.

Manage payroll better

A huge benefit of a good digital timesheet is that it syncs with your payroll making it easier and less of a hassle to manage. Seriously, payroll is one area that might have caused you to take headache pills in the past. With a good employment management software, you can finally breathe easier when it comes to managing your payroll.

Employees can plan their time off

If employees have an easy way to clock in and monitor their own attendance, they are able to know when they have time off or holidays and plan accordingly. That way you get fewer unplanned absences. Because the system is automated, anyone who takes too many unexplained days off gets flagged by the system.

Better interaction with staff

There are several things that attract candidates to a recruitment agency and one of them is efficiency. Another is the way they are treated well at the agency. An employment agency that interacts with the staff and make them feel appreciated will most likely rank higher on the preferred list. Great software helps you increase your efficiency in engaging with your staff. While you can communicate with each one directly through emails or sms, emails are often left unread or even worse, find their way into a junk folder…a good notification system from an app, outperforms both of them in many ways.

Whether you are an experienced recruitment agency or you just started your firm, don’t wait to get good quality employment agency software. It will save you time and money.

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