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Why You Need A Clockin App – Smart Clockin

Why You Need A Clockin App

Why You Need A Clockin App


Other Time Clock Systems Vs. Clock in App

If you run a business of any size, then you need a clock in app. It’s easy to imagine that the good old manual way of doing things with a pen and notebook should be enough for you particularly if you only have a handful of employees. However, you might be leaving money on the table without realising it. Below we see how the Smart clock in app compares when examined alongside other forms of time clock systems.

Using punch card and paper timesheets

Punch cards and paper timesheets have been around for a really long time so it is not surprising that you might feel more comfortable with this method. However, it is not just time consuming, but also a pain to read off the timesheets when it comes to payroll time. It means that payroll administrators need to manually enter the details into an excel spreadsheet or a payroll system, giving room to errors. This is not only time consuming, it is also difficult to guard against buddy punching with this method.

Automated Systems

Unlike manual systems, automated systems allow employees to clock in automatically. There are different variations to these automatic time clock systems including bar code scanners, RFID and HID systems. One thing they each have in common is the installation of heavy hardware or machinery. They are also expensive to install. The way they work is that employees are given a badge or a plastic card with a chip inside which they scan at terminals to clock in and out of work. If an employee loses a card or badge then that person is unable to clock in for that period.

Biometric Systems

Biometric time clocks make use of fingerprints or irises to clock in and out of work. They are sophisticated and expensive to install. While it is practically impossible for buddy punching to go on with biometric time clocks, it is not without its own challenges. If the environment is dusty or an employee has dirty or smudgy prints, then they will have problems clocking in and out, not just for them, but the rest of the team. These biometric clockin systems are easily damaged, whether accidentally or through vandalism. There are also privacy issues from staff, not to mention the security concerns with fingerprint information being available for hackers and fraudsters to misuse.

Smart Clock in App

An app is a software and the beauty of most apps is that you don’t need additional hardware to operate them, other than your smart device. So, a clock in app gives you the flexibility to efficiently manage your employees’ time and attendance from your smart phone or tablet. The beauty of this system is that it eliminates errors, buddy punching and the hassle attached to manual entry of data to payroll systems. With Smart Clockin, you have no need to purchase expensive hardware or machinery. Also, there is no case of a missing badge or card as your employees simply download the time card app once and use your code to clock in. You don’t even need any additional hardware, as your staff can clockin by scanning a poster on a wall, or even a magnet on a fridge. If you already have a scanner, but want to switch to an app, a good one will give you that flexibility as well.

There are so many options you can choose for your time clock system, but for simplicity, efficiency, time and cost management, nothing does it like the Smart Clock in app.

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