Human resource management is not what is was a decade ago. HR has largely moved from pen and paper to HR management software. What this means is that if you are a human resource professional, you are probably constantly searching for software that makes your job streamlined and efficient. One major area which is easily overlooked by many HR departments is an automated time and attendance system. Yet, in an anonymous survey conducted Kessler International, up to 80% of employees admitted to time theft. If you are thinking of setting up HR management software or simply an automated time and attendance system, there are several things to consider.

What is an automated time and attendance system

Manually managing employee time and attendance is a recipe filled with frustration. There is no way to efficiently guard against inaccurate time reporting, absenteeism, buddy punching and other forms of error which seem to be synonymous with manual systems. An automated time and attendance system saves you money, increases efficiency, gets rid of inherent frustrations of a manual system helps your organisation increase profits.

What to look for in an automated time and attendance system

Before you integrate an automated time and attendance system there are several things you need to look into once of which is the suitability of the system for your environment. There are lots of systems for time and attendance management and if you are considering one that uses biometrics for instance, you need to also consider the problems that come with it. If the system is based on fingerprints for instance, it might not function properly if the person has dirty or grimy fingers or if the area is dusty, not to mention the privacy concerns and security issues associated with having a persons fingerprints available for hackers and fraudsters to get access to.

Another factor to consider is how user friendly the system is. One huge advantage software has over bulky, physical systems is that it is pretty easy for people to use. Digital timesheets require minimal fuss and user adaptability is often high.

Finally, you need to examine the reporting capabilities of your system. The purpose of automating this aspect of HR management is to provide quick and easy access to your data. Your digital timesheet should make it easy to quickly recall reports on each staff with minimum fuss.

The ability to track the attendance of your workforce within seconds of clocking in is an advantage. This makes it possible for HR departments to call up reports on the fly and reduces the stress which payroll is known for.

Cost effective Clock in solution

The world is moving away from bulky hardware, not just because of the initial installation costs, but also because of the recurring costs of maintenance. A smart option is to make use of HR management software that can easily be accessed online from a variety of devices. This way, you do not need to purchase additional hardware and your staff has access to a solution that is user friendly and cost effective from the comfort of their computers or smart devices.

With local and national laws and regulations taking a keener interest in the hours your workforce spends, a smart clock in solution will save HR departments from sleepless nights.

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