Facilities Management Staffing Software

Facilities management software is also known as FM software. It can come in the forms of Facilities management staffing software, FM staffing software and remote staffing software. It incorporates all maintenance associated with a company. These include managing work orders, maintenance scheduling, approval and sign off, vendor management, self-service requests, reporting, invoice documentation and KPI dashboards. It enables an organisation to manage its repair and maintenance program from a digital dashboard.

How will Facilities Management benefit your organisation?

Features such as contractor and site-specific location onboarding are all included in good quality facilities management software. Remote staffing software makes it easy to track employee attendance. Smart Clockin is a GPS tracked self-scan clock in system which makes tracking attendance easy. For many facilities’ management organisations, their staff work remotely across multiple locations. This can often make tracking attendance both time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, this is where Smart Clock-in can help.

How does Smart Clockin Work?

Smart Clockin is a highly flexible remote staffing software which is incredibly easy to use. To perform a self-scan clock in, an employee will simply scan a QR code which can be printed on the wall of your workplace location. The code is scanned using our official Smart Clockin app, which is available to download on any smartphone device. Once an employee has successfully clocked in using the app, their status will be automatically updated in the Smart Clockin administration section. You can log in at any time to view the clock in times and locations of all of your staff. Remote staffing software is highly accurate compared to traditional paper-based methods such as timesheets. With timesheets now not being needed, less time is wasted in HR processing them, which eliminates the chance of human error.

Smart Clockin has an inbuilt administration section which can be integrated with various other software applications, this includes most payroll software packages. When combined with automated clock ins and timesheet generation, this makes administrative tasks a lot easier, leaving you to focus on other areas of running an organisation.

If you are interested in implementing Smart Clockin within your organisation to that ensure that it is performing to its optimal level, contact us on office@smartclockin.com or via telephone at +44207 998 4929.

Save Time, Cut Costs, Track Attendance

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