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Managing your business’s payroll can often be complex and time-consuming — particularly if you have a lot of employees coming and going at irregular hours. Determining how many hours each employee worked each week, which roles they were performing, and what rate they should be paid can be difficult.

Fortunately, this process can be made simpler by using payroll software like Smart Clockin. Smart Clockin will help you keep track of the work activities of your employees, make digital time sheets, and much more. It will help you complete payroll in a fraction of the time and with much greater accuracy.

The challenges of managing payroll manually

There are many potential problems that can occur when handling payroll manually, including:

Human error

If an employee is manually processing paper time sheets or invoices, there is potential for human error to occur during the payroll process. This can lead to over or under-payment of your employees.


The mistakes that occur when manually processing payroll can make the business non-compliant with labour or taxation regulations. The business might face severe fines or penalties by not complying with relevant statutory requirements.


Having paper time sheets and payroll calculations is not very secure. Sensitive information may be unnecessarily divulged.

Time Consuming

Manually completing payroll can involve some complex calculations including leave, overtime, and employee reimbursements. This can be very time consuming and distract administrators from other tasks that would be more rewarding for the business.

Time and attendance may not be recorded correctly

Mistakes may also affect how attendance is recorded. This can lead to employees being mistakenly reprimanded or not having their paid leave calculated correctly.

How does Smart Clockin make managing payroll easier?

Smart Clockin is a feature-rich software application that acts as check-in software, timesheet software, and payroll software. Its key features include:

Clock-in App

Smart Clockin includes a sophisticated clock-in app that makes keeping track of your staff’s hours of work a breeze. It is designed around mobile devices and provides several simple methods for employees to clock-in to the workplace, including:

Self Scan Clockins

A self scan clock-in allows an employee to use their mobile phone to clock-in to work. It is useful for workplaces where having additional hardware or a supervisor on site is not always practical.

Fixed Location Clockins

Fixed location clock-ins use a computer or tablet with a code that employees can scan with their mobile device to clock-in.

Team Leader Clockins

If you have trusted employees working remotely, you can allow them to clock-in the rest of the team remotely using the Smart Clockin Manager app on their smartphone or tablet.

Scanner Clockins

You can also use your existing scanner system that reads an ID from an employee’s mobile device or identification tag.

Timesheet Software

The clock-in data that is collected by Smart Clockin is used to automatically create time sheets for each employee. It is a fully automated process which eliminates the manual handling of time sheets and the potential for human error.

Payroll Software

Once clock-ins have been recorded and time sheets have been calculated, it is simple to produce payroll. Smart Clockin’s administration section makes it easy to see how many hours each employee has logged during the week, month, or year. It reduces the risk of mistakes being made when calculating payroll and reduces the time it takes to complete payroll.

Benefits of using Smart Clockin for payroll

Here are a few advantages gained by using Smart Clockin for payroll calculations:

Benefits of using Smart Clockin

Construction site managers can obtain many advantages by using construction staffing applications like Smart Clockin, including:

Integration with your existing payroll system or inhouse software

If you already have an existing payroll supplier or industry specific inhouse software, Smart Clockin can be integrated to work seamlessly alongside these sending over your staffs clockin times automatically.

Improved staff productivity

Using Smart Clockin to automatically gather clock-in details, time sheets, and other information necessary to calculate payroll can significantly improve productivity in the workplace. Employees won’t have to spend a significant amount of time clocking into work or filling out their time sheets. Managers won’t have to manually process time sheets or attempt to manually calculate payroll. Your staff can focus on improving the business instead of spending time on administrative tasks.

Monitoring employee performance is easy

Smart Clockin’s advanced administration section makes it simple to examine how well a particular staff member has been performing. You can see how punctual they are, how many hours they work each week, and how many sick days they have had at a glance.

Less risk of human error when completing payroll

When clock-ins and time sheets are automatically calculated, there is far less risk of human error when creating payroll. This reduces the risk of non-compliance or time and attendance errors.

Smart Clockin — The easy way to manage business payroll

Smart Clockin makes the process of organising payroll simple! It will also reduce the risk of any mistakes occurring which could negatively impact your employees or your business.

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