Smartphone Membership App

Smartphone Membership App


If you run a gym, sports club, or any other business where membership is required for entry, a smartphone membership app can make your life much easier. Smartphone membership apps allow customers to retain their credentials on their mobile devices. They simply scan their phone to gain entry into your business and use your services.

Customers enjoy using smartphone membership apps because gaining entry to your business is much easier. Smartphone membership apps can also improve the productivity of your staff as processes like checking-in customers and seeing how many customers are currently on site are automated.

If you interested in trying out a smartphone membership app, consider Smart Clockin. It is a feature-rich app that makes managing a membership business simple. This article will outline the ways that Smart Clock can help a membership business. We have provided many Smartphone Membership App UK systems across the country, each one is bespoke to each organisations needs.

How is Smart Clockin useful for managing memberships?

Smart Clockin is a powerful membership application that checks-in members, records how many clients are currently on-site, creates time sheets and much more. Its key features include:

Check-in App

The main feature of Smart Clockin for memberships is its check-in app. It can be installed on most smart phones and used in the following ways:

Self Scan Clockins

Customers can scan a code with their mobile device to check into your gym, sports club or other membership business. Multiple codes can be placed around your business, to check customers into different sites and locations.

Scanner Clockins

Businesses can use their existing scanner systems that read an ID from a customer’s mobile device or identification tag.

Fixed Location Clockins

Your business can place a computer terminal or tablet in a fixed location, then ask your customers to clock-in with their mobile device.

Team Leader Clockins

You can even use Smart Clockin to clock-in staff arriving at work each day.

The clock-in app in Smart Clockin simplifies the check-in process for both the customers and employees.

Timesheet Software

Smart Clockin has the ability to create digital time sheets based on the times that visitors entered and exited a location within your business. This feature is useful for recording employee time sheets and for giving customers reports that show how much they used your services each month.

Payroll Software

Smart Clockin’s timesheet functionality makes it much easier to manage payroll. You will be able to quickly determine how much time each employee worked during the week or month and adjust their pay accordingly. This can greatly reduce the amount of administrative work that is required for managing payroll.

Benefits of using Smart Clockin membership app

The most significant advantages gained by using Smart Clockin for membership management include:

Improved productivity

Smart Clockin takes the hassle out of checking customers into your business. Your staff won’t have to manually check the credentials of customers, they can let customers scan themselves in and be alerted if a scan is rejected. Employees will be able to spend more time on other important tasks like providing good customer service.

Smart Clockin can also improve the productivity of workers by making it easier for them to start work each day. They can scan themselves into the system with their mobile phone and immediately begin working.

Digital time sheets making monitoring employees easy

Smart Clockin creates digital time sheets for all customers and employees. Business owners can monitor the time sheets of their employees to ensure they are at work when required and working productively. Managers will no longer need to manually process employee time sheets, they will all be correctly formatted and available via Smart Clockin’s administration section. Smart Clockin’s digital time sheets are also updated in real time, so you will know which employees are currently at work at any time.

Useful for many types of businesses

The clock-in and timesheet features of Smart Clockin are useful for many kinds of businesses. It can be used as a standalone gym clockin system or integrated into other gym software or sports club members software.

Additional functionality for members

The digital timesheet functionality is also very useful for customers. When a customer scans into your business, the details of the visit will be stored in the Smart Clockin admin panel. You can then share details of the visits that they have made over a certain period. This is particularly helpful if you are using Smart Clockin as a gym clockin system, gym software, or sports club members software as it helps customers understand how much value they obtain from your business.

A source of useful business data

Smart Clockin provides business owners with many useful analytics. If you use the system as a gym clockin system or sports club members software, it will tell you when the busiest time of the day is, how many members attend the facility each day, how long they are at the gym, and much more.

Smart Clockin — The world’s best gym clockin software

Smart Clockin is the most feature-packed smartphone membership app on the market. It gives you multiple clock-in options and access to a powerful administration section.

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