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Smart Clockin App Hither Green

No matter how your business works, our solutions are designed to give your business the best possible experience, hassle free clocking in for your temporary or permanent staff, and an easy life for your payroll or HR team. Our products just work. We make your life easier online, face to face, and offer a true choice in clocking in and memberships solutions.

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Temporary Staffing Software | Smart Clockin

Temporary Staffing Software Hither Green

If you run a temporary recruitment agency in Hither Green, you will be more than aware of the need to have solid recruitment software in place to help you manage your business. Smart Clockin’s real time clockin solution makes it easy to manage your temporary recruitment agency software in Hither Green, saving you time, cutting your costs and tracking your staff attendance by providing a digital smartphone based solution to allow you to concentrate on running your business.

We service Start ups desperate to move away from never ending paperwork and spreadsheets to larger organisations who’s growth demands a bespoke application with a unique set of requirements, and of course work alongside all companys in between.

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Recruitment Agency Software | Smart Clockin

Recruitment Agency Software Hither Green

As your recruitment agency grows, you will find that the need to keep track of your temporary and permanent staff increases. This is mostly because the energy and effort required to keep track of ten staff is vastly different from what is needed for hundreds. A good recruitment agency software makes it easy for you to keep track of your staff wherever they are and monitor their clock in and clock out times as well. Smart Clockin works as a standalone Hither Green Recruitment Agency Software or can easily be integrated into your existing Recruitment Agency Software, either way to drastically reduce paperwork and unnecessary inputting of data.

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Clockin App | Smart Clockin

Clockin App Hither Green

If you run a business in Hither Green of any size, then you need a clock in app. It’s easy to imagine that the good old manual way of doing things with a pen and notebook should be enough for you, particularly if you only have a handful of employees. However, you might be leaving money on the table without realising it.

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HR Software | Smart Clockin

HR Software Hither Green

Human resource management is not what is was a decade ago. HR has largely moved from pen and paper to HR management software. What this means is that if you are a human resource professional, you are probably constantly searching for software that makes your job more streamlined and efficient. One major area which is easily overlooked by many HR departments is an automated time and attendance system. Yet, in an anonymous survey conducted by Kessler International, up to 80% of employees admitted to time theft. If you are thinking of setting up HR management software in Hither Green or simply an automated time and attendance system, there are several things to consider.

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Construction Staffing Software | Smart Clockin

Construction Staffing Software Hither Green

Managing employees on a construction site can be challenging. Construction sites are usually very busy and many types of workers are involved on a construction site. Your time may also be taken up by tasks like managing building materials and ensuring the project is on schedule. It is often difficult to be certain that all employees and contractors have arrived on-site and have started work.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Smart Clockin can be used to clock-in workers and keep track of their activities throughout the day. It can also help with tasks like scheduling contractors, managing payroll, and finding replacements for sick workers.

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Payroll Software | Smart Clockin

Payroll Software Hither Green

Managing your business’s payroll can often be complex and time-consuming — particularly if you have a lot of employees coming and going at irregular hours. Determining how many hours each employee worked each week, which roles they were performing, and what rate they should be paid can be difficult.

Fortunately, this process can be made simpler by using payroll software like Smart Clockin. Smart Clockin will help you keep track of the work activities of your employees, make digital time sheets, and much more. It will help you complete payroll in a fraction of the time and with much greater accuracy.

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Festival Staff Software Hither Green

Planning a festival is no mean feat. It requires a lot of logistical planning as well as effectively managing your festival team. No matter the size of your festival, you will have to handle managing several different people including vendors, talents, sponsors and festival staff. Getting it together is going to require a lot from you in terms of time and effort. You will need to brush up on your project management skills and look into some smart festival staff software.

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Gym Membership App - Smart Clockin

Smartphone Membership App Hither Green

If you run a gym, sports club, or any other business where membership is required for entry, a smartphone membership app can make your life much easier. Smartphone membership apps allow customers to retain their credentials on their mobile devices. They simply scan their phone to gain entry into your business and use your services.

Customers enjoy using smartphone membership apps because gaining entry to your business is much easier. Smartphone membership apps can also improve the productivity of your staff as processes like checking-in customers and seeing how many customers are currently on site are automated.

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Clockin App | Smart Clockin

Timesheet App Hither Green

A timesheet app is a mobile application that can be accessed through smart phones and tablets. This makes it very easy for employees to efficiently clock in and out from their mobile devices. Because the app is automatically linked with the reporting process, it cuts down the time that would have been spent manually filling in the data into the payroll system. Also, the timesheet is automatically updated in real time, by both yourself and even your own clients with a separate login.

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